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At 39 years old Toso found out he was a sculptor.

Toso worked at many different fields from marketer to optical equipment technician.

His diverse experiences and curiosity led him to develop new techniques making him an exclusive artist and very original. Toso today is one of the few artists throughout the world to have pieces on stainless steel, which is a modern and difficult material to work with.

It took him over 10 years to refine his technique, where he had to build specific tools and machines making his sculptures exclusive and unique pieces.


His work portraits the regular day of people and also expresses his perception of society. From workers to social issues, the artist creates pieces on his particular style easy to identify. Toso gives life and kinetics to his work by creating characters with big shoes and base that thins as approaching the head. By this, he tries to demonstrate that people need a solid and strong base to achieve high goals. The shoes represent his contemporary style.

VToso won many awards, he participated in individual and collective expositions outstanding for his work focused on good causes. His recent work is an urban art project where he creates monuments from night to day in big urban centers.